Sliding walls

In modern functional interiors, we appreciate elegance, unique style and high functionality. One object can fulfil many functions.

It is natural that several meetings, conferences, lectures or parties are organized simultaneously at the same time and place.

We offer a system of sliding walls that allows optimal use of the existing space of each facility to the maximum.

The main advantages of the sliding wall system:

  • simple handling and quick change of position
  • easy and quiet moving of modules
  • high sound insulation
  • high stability of construction
  • magnetic seals between modules
  • high aesthetics

Technical information

Suspension system: the trolleys allow the wall panels to be moved in aluminum rails. The rails are mounted to the ceiling with a system design that supports the entire weight of the wall. The construction of trolleys and running rails allows easy and quiet movement of panels.

Construction: the wall consists of independently suspended panels based on a steel-aluminum frame equipped with an expansion mechanism. Panels are finished by default with chipboard covered with melamine, laminate, veneer or other materials such as wallpaper, fabrics, sheet metal, acoustic panels, etc.

Dimensions: panel thickness is between 80 mm and 110 mm; panel width from 600 mm to 1260 mm; installation height up to 8000 mm.

Acoustic insulation:

solid walls: do Rw= 54 dB RA1= 52 dB

glass walls : do Rw= 33 dB RA1= 32 dB

Parking systems: we present several standard parking methods, it is possible to choose the parking system in each room.