Glass walls

We provide acoustic parameters of walls and doors that meet the highest requirements of the current PN-B-02151-3: 2015 standard.

We offer comprehensive solutions that perfectly meet the requirements of contemporary office interiors. Modern design, elegance and functionality of the systems ensure comfortable working conditions for many years. We provide our experience in choosing the optimal solution, helping to create a more friendly and practical space.

Thanks to the technological capabilities of our systems, we make quick changes to interior design using the fully existing buildings. We help save your time and your money!

Technical information

Construction: anodized or powder coated according to RAL aluminum profiles.

Glass walls: single or double glazed with safety glass.

Acoustic insulation:

single-pane walls: up to Rw = 40 dB RA1 = 39 dB

double-pane walls: up to Rw = 56 dB RA1 = 53 dB

door: up to Rw = 41 dB RA1 = 40 dB

Fire resistance: EI15, EI30, EI60, EI120.

Available additions : decorative foil sticking, printing, between glass blinds, liquid crystal properties glass.

Solid walls: plasterboard, chipboard, gypsum chipboard finished with vinyl wallpaper, laminate, melamine, natural veneer, sheet metal, etc. with acoustic filling.